Sunday, August 14, 2011

Glass Bubble Necklaces

Just a little sneak peak at the necklaces 
I dropped off at Scout Living yesterday.
These are fun little gems, 
with pieces of vintage dictionary pages or sheet music under glass.

These three almost anyone can wear,
who that would be reading this blog wouldn't be
perfect, original and charming?  

These are some of the sheet music ones, and I just love them.

a few more "specialized" ones . . . 

and these funky ones are one of my faves.

Short and sweet today, heading out on a business trip
(for my real job)

Everyone enjoy your week!

Affectionately, Miss. Worm


  1. Laura, can you email/call me? I need to fact-check an item you are selling at Scout Living. I've also sent you an email. Stephanie Rodriguez, reporter/fact-checker Sactown magazine. You have probably spoken with the reporter, Stephanie Towne (a world full of Steph's). (916) 441-4747.

  2. hi, i just found this blog and loooove these necklaces - is there any chance that you ship to hungary? or can i buy them somewhere online? thank you! t

  3. Hi there. Love your necklaces. I started making similar necklaces a few years ago and they've always been so popular. Very nice! It was really nice meeting you at the blog forum tonight.